Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Partial Quotient Method

The partial Quotient Method is very simple and easy to do but it might take a little while to do. For example if you use this problem: 55/11. The 55 is the dividend and the 11 is the divisor. The dividend divided by the divisor equals the quotient (the answer). In order to do the partial quotient method you have to make a grid by the division problem but if the number is to high you can just label the grid and make it any number you want. Then you keep multiplying the divisor until you reach the dividend and then you add up all the partial quotients up and that's your answer (all the numbers you used to make dividend)

At first I thought this was very complicated but then I got the hang of it and became a fan of this way of finding out the answer of division problems that you don't know the answer to.  Their is a way of checking this because if you make a mistakes it can make a very different answer than the real one. The Partial Quotient Algorithm where I can't explain because it is to complicated but I know it is something  easier them the traditional algorithm.

It is a very efficient and easy to find out division problems!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Which Is The Best Governance?

Every day of the week was a different form of governance like on Monday it was Monarchy. Monarchy is when there is one king which is basically the boss of the country and would make decisions and everyone would have to follow him. Tuesday was Anarchy where we had complete choice over everything that was possible like go to recces early or do free time the whole period. Wens day was Dictatorship where Mr. Nathan had un-limited power and he could do whatever he wanted and tell anyone what to do. Then finally on Thursday it was democracy where the people had to make the decisions and there was no leader or king.

Then on Friday we got into groups depending on which form of governance we thought was the best and we all did the same activity: Making a Coat Of Arms with a group and whoever made the best coat of arms will win. (By the way Anarchy lost because they had nothing at all because they were probably playing games the whole time)

In my group: Dictatorship we were very good about our time and all the groups got finished in time to show everyone. I thought we were the best group because we had the best ideas and drawing skills. In my opinion My favorite form of governance is either dictatorship or democracy.

This was very fun and fun

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shark Tank Presentation

Our presentation was about Hydro energy for Brazil. Hydro energy is made from the pressure of falling water that turns a turbine an d make a generator spin to create electricity. The electricity is then moved from the dam to our very own homes by power lines and big electricity stations.

We made a prototype to show the judges how Hydro power worked by making a water mill type of thing with spoons, hot-glue, wood and a generator. If you would hold the generator and then spin the spoons it would be like a really nice fan but it was to show how it would work.

Getting the presentation ready was a the biggest part of the Shark Tank project. It took us around maybe 7-10 periods of researching and lots of home time to make it feel like we are ready for it and we were confident that is was going to be good.

On the day of the presentation I felt a little scared but then my teacher told me is was going to be fine and then I wasn't scared anymore. In my opinion I thought it went very well and the scores form the judges was very good and I felt happy and proud about my-self!

All the work finally paid off and now I can enjoy the long winter break in Shi lanka!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mon Animal Secret

For this project I had to choose any species of animal and write a description about using lots of body parts and adjectives and nouns. Then we had to read it to the class and everybody had to choose a picture that they thought was there animal. I was a moose and some other people thought that I was something different so I tricked them.

I liked learning about different body parts on animals by using Quizlet because I thought that Quizlet is a fun way to learn something new like, as I said, body parts on animals. Also, I liked trying to figure out who's animal goes with what picture by there description.

What was challenging was when I was writing the description because I wanted to make it interesting and hard to find out at the same time. Also when I was trying to beat Uy in Quizlet I had to learn it all over again to really know what goes with what so I could beat him and in the end I (of course) Beat him!!!!!

I was successful when creating my Kahoot because I made a very fun game with some funny questions and some serious questions just to make a little more fun for everybody playing it.

This Unit was very fun!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Maker Morning

Here is part of our plan for the presentation

During Maker Morning we were designing and creating models for our up-coming Shark Tank presentation. I was creating a model to show Hydroelectricity and how it works. We build a water mill and we tried to make a light bulb light up but there was not enough power from the sink or the playground to spin the wheel fast enough.

One of the challenges we faced was when the wheel wasn't making the motor spin to make the light bulb work. Also the motors are different sizes and it was very confusing and it took a long time to find the correct one that would help us.

I am feeling proud because we finished our model and is almost finished with what were going to say at the presentation. Also I am feeling a little nervous because we are not very confident with what exactly were going to say at the real event.

What went really well was we worked well as a team and each of us had a part that we had to do. I was the team leader of the group so I was the one to assign each of our parts and make sure everyone is on task with what they had to do.

If I did this again I would make sure we got all our materials because we thought that we sent it to the person who would buy the materials for us because we only got the battery and some wires not anything we were expecting.
Maker Morning really was fun and helped us get lots of our jobs done!

Friday, December 1, 2017

My Contient Groups.

During this activity we got into groups based on different Continents. We used the sticks of fate to choose which continents we would be in. I got into South America. The next day We went to whoever was hosting our continent and started researching a region or country in South America.

Me and my partner, Cameron, researched Chile and found out that their was lots of water so it could be a good place to use Hydroelectric energy to use as electricity. After that we typed in our own words onto a pad-let where everybody was typing the information that they found about there region.

This Friday we decided which renewable energy source we would have to research and promote for our Shark Tank Performance where we have to per sway the Sharks that our energy source is the best for that region or country.

In order to understand how the Hydroelectric system works I have to do some research and maybe even make a prototype to show them. I used to have no idea what Hydroelectric power is but now I know that Hydro means water so it means when water is turned into electricity.

This starting 2 lessons are really making me improve on my research skills and concentrating to get lots of information.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

My Narrative Story Reflection

This is going to be a reflection about the whole process of the story. I had to first use a picture that was supposed to give inspiration to us and write a story in 50 minutes. It was a pre post assessment. Then we Revised it and Edited it by going through it and making any small or big changes to the story. I deleted a whole paragraph because it didn't have lots of descriptive writing in it and I wanted it to be interesting.

I think that I was very good at making a story arc in my story and making it as interesting as it could be. Also, through out the process I would frequently make changes to my story every time I would read to myself or another friend. This helped me feel more proud of my writing because I think this might be the best story I ever wrote in my life!

I was very proud of this paragraph I put in my story: "He watched the sunset glow as it disappeared into the darkness and slowly the moon rose from its great sleep." Lots of people who had listened to my story and had gave me feedback had gave me the same answer "That was a very descriptive sentence"

I thought that the revising and editing was challenging because sometimes I didn't know what could be better and I thought I was done with my story but Mr. Nathan would always say that your never done.

If I were to do this again I would try to challenge myself into doing a story in first person instead of third person because I feel it harder to do in first person. Also, I would make sure I got the present and past tense correct and put in some emotive language in so it would be better

Here is the link to my story if you would like to read it!
Thank you!