Thursday, May 24, 2018

This Week

This week there wasn't much that happened  but I will tell you the biggest event that we did.

In literacy we created another recount but this time on the middle school concert.
here is the recount that I wrote.

The Charming Middle School Concert
By Oliver Pollack

On Tuesday, May 22nd the middle school performed there work in choir and band in the theatre at UNIS. It proved that all there hard work and commitment to the course really paid off. They performed 14 amazing and interesting pieces to parents and the whole grade five.

The opening event was the G06 band and choir singing the famous and well known story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff along with one of the teachers reading the story in a sparkly yellow and golden king chair that was put next to the big and bright stage. The singing was a little cheesy. Kevin, one of the singings started coughing and holding his neck in the middle of the performance and everyone was laughing including Kevin. The band was incredible because they had to do so many quick note changes and had to be right on the tempo everytime.

Then the G06 choir left the stage but the G06 band stayed on to perform one last song with the big band. They played Enchantment by Brian Balmages and the composer told the audience what happens in the song. He said that the song was filled with mystery, joy, and a  soft and loud tempo. Proudly the students amazed the audience with all the tiny details like drawing a very hard picture with many small details in the instruments to make the song even better. All the variety of instruments made the band look very professional and well practiced.

The grades six, sevens and eights took the stage proudly looking into the audience and walking calmly and excited to the risers and took their spots. They sang four songs including the song they performed at a school competition or something called “There Is Peace” by Jim Papoulis. There is peace had a mellow sound to it and joyful sound at the same time. The energetic singers made the sound even better and pleasant.

The final event was the G07 and G08 band singing four songs from around Asia. All the songs were all similar in a way. They were all pleasing and enjoyable but in a way mysterious and scary like the movie, Wizard Of Oz. These songs were my favorite because the students were all into it and everything was well prepared.

This helped me see what it would look like next year when I will be in middle school too and doing choir or band.  I really was interested in all of the performances. I can’t wait to do it next year!

That was basically all that I thought was interesting this week.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

This Week

We were, again, writing the form of writing called a recount. A recount is when you retell something that had happened in the past like talking about how I went to america for summer break or something like that. The biggest and hardest part of writing a recount is putting lots of adjectives to make your story more interesting for the reader. We had to create a recount on the process of the seating change and then after that we had to highlight all of the adjectives in the piece and say which one goes into what description bubble category. Here is one that we just had to do about anything that happened the day before. This one had to have at least four events included with good detail and lots of adjectives.

On May 16th 2018 during the hot, humid and dreary day a very dangerous event occurred at my big yellow house on our friendly To Ngoc Street. I was in my room working up a sweat so I could jump straight into the small covered pool next to my house by playing mini basketball and sprinting a lot. The orange and bouncy ball got stuck on my brown and filled closet so I grabbed my office chair and stood up on it to grab the ball when the not working very well lights went off and same with my air conditioner and fan. I didn’t really not what was happening until my mom started shouting “Is everyone all right?” in her scared and loud voice and because of that I knew something was very wrong. I raced downstairs and my mom told me to look out of the window. There was a big construction site right next to our house next to our green and sharp gate and they were tearing down a house! The sidewall of the house was in our lawn and just by looking at it I knew that if someone was under that then they would without doubt be dead. My mom and my nanny's were outside and shouting in rage at the tired and dirty workers. I found it really interesting just listening to it all so I stayed out there with them. My mom was the angriest of them all. Her face told it all. Rage, scared and pissed off were only some of the emotions she were probably feeling. Then the landlord came and was screaming in anger at the workers even more then my mom had been screaming. The police were even called and arrived in no time. After everything settled down the workers started to clean up the area with many heavy tools like hammers and jack-hammer too.The lights electricity turned on in no time and everyone was okay.

I wonder what our next form of writing will be or will the next one be in middle school?

We are starting a new read aloud called the The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane and we had to reflect every time we read it so here is the first reflection I made:

A Bunny Rabbit was made by very fragile glass and his body was stuck together by wires. His tall was made of soft fluffy rabbit fur. His name was Edward Tulane and was very tall. He measured three feet including his ears. Eyes were painted in the color blue. He felt his whiskers were not from a really bunny. His masters name was named Abilene Tulane who was now aged at 10. At 3 o'clock Abilene comes home from school. Edward likes winter because he can see himself. Edward thinks he is the best and I think is a little spoiled with greatness. Pellegrina is Edwards grandmother, was very old with big black eyes like midnight. Pellegrina ordered everything for Edward from the charming France on Abilene's 7th birthday. Edward was never asleep because his eyes were painted on and he could not close them.

The last thing which is also the most important thing that happened was the end of year map test where we had to take three different types subjects such as Math, Reading and Language. The last test I took I rushed to finish quickly so this test I really tried to take as long as I could on each question and checking it at least twice to make sure I gave the best answer. I thought that I didn't rush as much as the last tine but I still could of slowed down a little more then what I did.

That was only the highlights of this week and I hope next week will be a little less tiring then this week.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Math And Literacy

In math we were going to do math rotations that worked in different places of measurements. I have made lots of reflections for each one.

This is someone doing the volume rotation that I did too.
When I was doing the rotation, how long does it take for an occupation to make 1 million dollars? I chose the person Lebron James who is an professional NBA player who plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers. He makes about 30.96 million dollars each year. That was so much more then one million so I divided it by 12 to see how much money he made every month then by 30 for days. In one day he makes about 86,000 dollars. 100,000 dollars is equal to one million so I calculated how much he made an hour. He makes about 3.5 thousand dollars an hour. Overall Lebron James makes 1 million dollars in 1 day and 4 hours. The biggest challenge was finding out what to divide the number by and adding then together to find the closest to 1 million.

I was working on the Area station where we had to create a shape with an area of 24 and a perimeter of 22. I learned that you can find out the perimeter by adding up all the sides on the shape. Also, I learned that you can find out the area by multiplying the array. I wonder how many ways there is to answer the problem that I had to find out. Next time I would probably try to challenge myself and do another area problem to find out. I would think of a random area and perimeter and hope that it would be able to solve. After that activity I practiced measuring angles in triangles and Mr. Nathan helped me learn how to do it.

I was working, again, in the math rotations but this time in the Kool Aid station! We had to combine water and Kool Aid to make the perfect recipe for it. I learned more about mil-liters and know I can estimate how much is 10 milliliters My perfect recipe that I discovered was 10 mil of Kool Aid and 150 mil of water. My friends tried it and they said that they really enjoyed the mix! I wonder how many flavors of Kool Aid there are and also when people make Kool Aid what combination do they use and how do they do it? If I were to do this again I would try to put in a little less Kool Aid because that powder is really sugary.

In literacy we are working on the type of writing called a recount.

The purpose of a Recount is to retell a series of past events in the time order that they occurred in and describes what and when the event occurred. We wrote a recount on our long weekend and Mr. Nathan encourage us to put in as much description as we can do. Then we just made a recount Yesterday about the process of changing our seats in the classroom. The criteria for the paper was: introduction paragraph with who, what and when, 4 event paragraphs with great detail and a conclusion paragraph that includes what you felt about.

That was about all that happened this week.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Kindergarten Visit

We visited one of the Kindergarten classes to see how much we have grown since we were there. I had an idea that younger kids are not as aware of other people and problems that could happen because me and my friends were making a really tall tower made of wooden blocks and I was thinking that probably they wouldn't think that the tower might fall on some one.

They have much more choice then us in 5th grade like they have the choice of either playing with blocks, reading, playing math games or spelling and reading games unlike in 5th grade our teacher mainly tells us what to do for every period.

Socially, the teacher will create things like when you hear the bell put your hands on your shoulders and stuff like that. Over time teachers will me more mature to the kids and ask more from then from other grades before them.

It was a great way to find what we did in Kindergarten

Sunday, April 22, 2018

French PYPX

In French PYPX we have been making posters to represent our SDG/ODD in french of course for our stall. Each poster had to have the number of the SDG/ODD, a logo or picture, the name of the SDG/ODD and a slogan or a phrase.

Also we made a mind map to have more understanding of what what can do for our slogan. A min-map is where you put lots of words that are connected to your topic that you are focusing on to have a better understanding or to help you with something you have to do.

I created a Word Art which is basically when you put lots of words into a picture and you can change the font, picture, backgrounds color and much more. We made one in french using the words from our mind-map.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Weekly Blog Post

This week in PYPX the whole grade 5 was practicing and performing our tableaux and the song we are going to sing, This Is Me. We had two small rehearsals just withing our grade and teachers and one bigger rehearsal within the whole elementary and teachers too. Next Thursday will be our big performance in front of all parents and basically anyone that comes. Our song is coming together all right but we could still get some help on the timing and when to start singing. It is hard because the instruments are also playing and sometimes they play off the beat or some one singing messes up and then everyone does.

This week in math we learned and did more about the perimeter and the area of all types of different shapes. We did an activity where a square that had lots of different shapes inside of the square and we had to find the fraction and area of each shape. One of the key tools that was very important and would help a lot was the ruler so we could measure each side of the shape and find the area based on the length and width of the shape.

We haven't really done anything in Literacy so that's all for literacy. Mainly over the two weeks have been focused on PYPX.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

This Week

This a model for one of the math questions we did by two classmates
This week in UOI (PYPX) me and my group started printing and cutting out flashcards to give to the Chuc Son Center to help them teach the children with. Also I learned about a cite that has lots of different types of categories of flashcards and it had basically anything! I wonder if everything we have to do will be done in time for exhibition. here is the link if you are interested: flashcards

This week in Math we were calculating the area and perimeter of a rectangle. I learned how to find the area using not only a whole unit but half's of units too by creating area models to show my work. If you look closely in the model you can see that there is half's. (Top and left sides) Also I learned what a polygon is. It is a shape that has lots of angles. NOT anything round. I wonder what our next unit for math will be after geometry?

This week in Literacy we were learning about responsive text and we were writing a responsive text on the music concert and our vacation. I am learning the purpose and structure of an responsive text. The purpose if to tell an opinion and also talk about a topic. I wonder why a discussion essay has so many more things on the what you need in a discussion essay then a responsive text?

This week is a very busy week!