Sunday, April 22, 2018

French PYPX

In French PYPX we have been making posters to represent our SDG/ODD in french of course for our stall. Each poster had to have the number of the SDG/ODD, a logo or picture, the name of the SDG/ODD and a slogan or a phrase.

Also we made a mind map to have more understanding of what what can do for our slogan. A min-map is where you put lots of words that are connected to your topic that you are focusing on to have a better understanding or to help you with something you have to do.

I created a Word Art which is basically when you put lots of words into a picture and you can change the font, picture, backgrounds color and much more. We made one in french using the words from our mind-map.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Weekly Blog Post

This week in PYPX the whole grade 5 was practicing and performing our tableaux and the song we are going to sing, This Is Me. We had two small rehearsals just withing our grade and teachers and one bigger rehearsal within the whole elementary and teachers too. Next Thursday will be our big performance in front of all parents and basically anyone that comes. Our song is coming together all right but we could still get some help on the timing and when to start singing. It is hard because the instruments are also playing and sometimes they play off the beat or some one singing messes up and then everyone does.

This week in math we learned and did more about the perimeter and the area of all types of different shapes. We did an activity where a square that had lots of different shapes inside of the square and we had to find the fraction and area of each shape. One of the key tools that was very important and would help a lot was the ruler so we could measure each side of the shape and find the area based on the length and width of the shape.

We haven't really done anything in Literacy so that's all for literacy. Mainly over the two weeks have been focused on PYPX.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

This Week

This a model for one of the math questions we did by two classmates
This week in UOI (PYPX) me and my group started printing and cutting out flashcards to give to the Chuc Son Center to help them teach the children with. Also I learned about a cite that has lots of different types of categories of flashcards and it had basically anything! I wonder if everything we have to do will be done in time for exhibition. here is the link if you are interested: flashcards

This week in Math we were calculating the area and perimeter of a rectangle. I learned how to find the area using not only a whole unit but half's of units too by creating area models to show my work. If you look closely in the model you can see that there is half's. (Top and left sides) Also I learned what a polygon is. It is a shape that has lots of angles. NOT anything round. I wonder what our next unit for math will be after geometry?

This week in Literacy we were learning about responsive text and we were writing a responsive text on the music concert and our vacation. I am learning the purpose and structure of an responsive text. The purpose if to tell an opinion and also talk about a topic. I wonder why a discussion essay has so many more things on the what you need in a discussion essay then a responsive text?

This week is a very busy week!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Phu Quoc

During Spring break I went to the glorious Resort "Camia" where there was a nice beach and pool and a very nice and good buffet for the mornings. It was a relaxing few days just sitting by the pool reading or listing to the waves crashing against the rocks.

One of the places in the resort was the rooms. They were very spacious and had nice comfy beds. As soon as I was done with dinner I would run back and lie in my very comfy bed and read or listen to music. Like I said so relaxing!

 The pool was always nice and refreshing especially the temperature. Sitting by it and having lunch and swimming was probably the favorite part of the trip for me. I played beat my record of hitting the beach back and forth by 100! That was very cool and amazing.

The was a decent beach and wasn't a beach like where there lots of sand and you could play in the water. There were lots of big rocks in the water so in order to actually be able to swim free you had to go a little ways past the rocks. It was a very nonchalant beach listening to the waves and getting a massage.I cut my foot on a very frightful shell or rock so I couldn't go in the beach water because it is salt water sadly.

In my opinion Phu Quoc was amiable experience and I hope I can go there soon again! I advise anyone reading this to check out the cite and maybe go there soon!


Monday, April 9, 2018

Grade 4 and 5 Concert

On March 15th the exited grade 4 and 5's performed at a magnificent concert at the UNIS theater to show there talent and progress in music to our friends and family. The concert was delightful on that merry day and the singing was phenomenal!

Grade 5's band group dressed all nice and beautiful opened the concert with three amazing song choices that they had been working on for a long time: "Lets Rock, Mickey Mouse March and Lightly Row" all powerful and vivacious. Then the grade 5 strings had a amazing performance followed by the grade 4 students sang inspiring and fantastic songs.

The grade 4 and 5 concert was overall in my opinion one of the best concerts we have ever had at UNIS because or all the great singing and how all the instruments knew what to do and it was all in unison. I hope the next concert will be as good as this one!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Just today was the concert where grade 4 and grade 5 sang and played instruments. I sang two songs and played guitar and clarinet. I played guitar to a song called "Hold Back The River" with Graham (Guitar) and Benjamin (Piano). It was very fun but a little bit scary since this was the first time I played an instrument in front of like 100 people.

There was lots of moving and getting ready involved like getting my clarinet ready and putting it back, same with my guitar and getting on stage and off stage. I feel like I got all the notes down on guitar and clarinet but on the clarinet lots of people were going very fast and MS. Sally kept saying to slow down. I tried to slow down but since everyone was going fast so it was hard to stay slow because of the rhythm.

I enjoyed the concert and I think everything went well and nothing was bad.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

This Week

This week in Exhibition we got to really know our groups (In my group I got all my friends so I didn't need to find out more about them). We had a meeting with our mentor Ms. Houng. She is really nice and made us clarify what we wanted to help and our issue that we had with that. We have another meeting with her next Friday. Our central idea is People can positively impact disabled children by taking action. Our Lines of Inquiry are:

  1. Disabled children have lot's of discrimination towards them.
  2. Disabled children do not have enough good quality care.
  3. Disabled children are not shown as much as they deserve to.

This week in Math we did more probability and chance activity's. We rolled dice 100 times and everyone would chose a number and you would see if your number got rolled the most. I chose the number 9 first and then at 50 rolls we could change our number and I changed it to 8. Mr. Nathan made us predict at 50 rolls what the graph would look like after 100 rolls and I said it would look like a pyramid (Small from the side number and then building up to the middle one.)

This week was full of activities and excitement!